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<<<Five Fuji circumference photography guides>>>.

1. The head pond area of Yamanaka Lake north shore, the plain of the east shore, the neighborhood of east electric Yamanaka Lake

2. West Lake : The neighborhood of hotel fisherman at the end of the west.

3. Lake Syouji : Mt Oomuro is put in the panorama, and it can take a picture of "child It is held. Fuji".

4. Lake Motosu : It can take a picture of "Mt Fuji on the back of 5000 yen bill" from the hotel Kouann hermitage figure front.

5.Village Osino.: The neighborhood of the Oshino field 8 sea, the Katsura River, the neighborhood of Miyamae bridge, the neighborhood of the picturesque scenery hermitage.

6. 20 song pass, Mt stage.

7. MIisaka pass : The front of Tengachaya.

8. Comb shape path through a forest.

9. Mikunitoge panorama base.

10. Autumn colors base and that circumference.

11. Panorama base in the middle of Syouji Lake and this Motosu Lake.

12. Lake Tanuki : It is a man-made lake for agriculture. Double diamond Fuji can be aimed at here every year in April and August.


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